Integrated Terminal Equipment

Transportation elements for airport logistics

The diversity and modular structure of our components for transporting and storing air cargo allow customized systems to be planned to suit every requirement and demand.

Lödige modules facilitate the creation of a tailored system for air cargo logistics in a time-efficient manner. Because they can be combined in a variety of ways, our system elements complement each other optimally for reliable workflows with high throughputs.


Overview of integrated components

ELEVATING TRANSFER VEHICLE This item of equipment is able to transfer ULDs both horizontally and vertically at the same time. 
This item of equipment is used for transferring ULDS horizontally on a single level.
ROLLER DECK The roller deck is the basic component of an airport logistics system. It carries ULDs or pallets horizontally in a straight line.
RIGHT ANGLE DECK The right angle deck is used to perform 90-degree ULD transfers.

We are happy to take care of planning for you. Obtain an overview of system components here: