Lödige Industries

Mobile Terminal Equipment

A variety of equipment for greater flexibility

Combine mechanized and manual solutions for handling and storing air cargo according to your requirements. Products are designed specifically for air cargo and optimally support standard cargo units.


Overview of mobile terminal equipment


SLAVE PALLETS Slave Pallets with non-powered rollers for handling ULDs.
SLAVE PALLET MOVER The electrically powered Slave Pallet Mover was developed specifically for the transfer of slave pallets.
LÖDIGE ROBBY The Lödige Robby is an electrically assisted manual device for transporting ULDs weighing up to 6800 kg which are stored on slave pallets.
LÖDIGE MINI The Lödige Mini is a manually operated means of transporting slave pallets weighing up to 2000 kg.
The Truck Dock is used for loading and unloading ULDs from and onto trucks.
FLEXLOADER                  The electrically and hydraulically operated FlexLoader combines the functionality of a truck dock with that of a pallet transporter and can be used to store ULDs on two levels.
WORKSTATION The lowering work station from Lödige is used for ergonomically building up and breaking down ULDs from different heights.

We are happy to advise you. Here is an overview of the mobile terminal equipment we provide: